Welcome to the Psychology Practice of

Carol C Hamilton, Psy.D

Dr Hamilton and Mo

As your psychologist, I promise to do my best to listen with openness, kindness, and non-judgment. At the same time, I will offer responses to what you share in a direct and spontaneous way. I can sometimes be blunt but never uncaring. It is my intention to seek truth with you in an efficient, compassionate and respectful way. I see the process of therapy as a creative and specific partnership where it is safe to risk change in a supported environment. It’s a plus if one or both of us can offer a sense of humor about this complicated business of life, but I do understand that if you happen to be depressed, humor isn’t always available to you.

I work with a hound dog named Mr. Mo. If you are someone who is fond of animals, we will have that as an immediate common ground. I have studied the responses that humans and animals have to trauma since the early 1980’s, and have watched mental health treatment blossom with scientific approaches to trauma treatment.

Neuroscience has revolutionized our understanding of the mind-body connection, so therapeutic techniques based on neurobiological information are my preference. Art and creativity are also vital to healing, so any ways that we can bring your unique vision, imagination, and talents into your experience of therapy is welcomed and supported.

My clients seem especially pleased with the progress they make through EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), S.E. (Somatic Experiencing), Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy and adjunctive creative approaches such as writing, imagery, and art making. My background in healthcare and wellness leads me to be especially interested in how you care for yourself, so discussions of nutrition, movement, environment, and community involvement are welcome. It is my joy to support you as you deepen your experience of yourself and those in your life through appreciating and refining your finest qualities while reducing the negative impact of life’s more difficult experiences.